Wine Facts - Interesting Facts about Wine

Facts about wine were created during the thousands of years that it spent with our civilization. Here you can find out more about most important moments in wine’s history, interesting facts about, and many types of wine that are used today.

Is wine healthy?

Wine Benefits

As one of the oldest man-made medicines, wine had a great impact in the early periods of human civilization as one of the best disinfectant and general cure for variety of diseases. Here you can find out all of its beneficial uses, from preventing heart diseases to increasing length of your life.

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Wine Types

Currently in the world there are over 10 thousand types of wine, and they are all categorized in several of the categories that you must know to recognize. Here you can find out more about those categories, and the most famous wines that they define.

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Wine Classification

Thousands of years of winemaking have produced astounding effect on the variety of his fascinating beverage. Influences of different soil, climate, grape types, additives and fermentation techniques have brought the need of classifying wines in many categories. Here you can find more about them.

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Why is Wine so Popular?

Journey of wine through the ages is today well remembered by modern historians. Here you can find out all most important facts about this fascinating beverage – from the moments of its first use to the modern times when millions of tons of wine travel across the seas every year.

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