Wine History - Origins and Invention of Wine

History of wine can tell us much about history of entire modern human civilization. Here you can find out more about the journey that wine made from the dawn of ancient civilizations 8 thousand years ago, to the modern day wine industry that spans the entire globe.

Modern Wine

History of Wine

Throughout the last 10 thousand years, wine has managed to closely intertwine with the rise of the human civilization and the modern way of life. Here you can find out more about its origins and influence it had on the entire world.

Wine for all time

Wine Timeline

The history of wine follows the rise of our entire civilization. Here you can find out timetable of its notable events, from its birth over 10.000 years ago, widespread appeal in ancient empires of Rome and Greece, rebirth in medieval Europe, to the worldwide expansion that happened in 19th and 20th century.

Wine in religious ceremonies

Wine Religious Uses

Since its creation over 8 thousand years ago, wine always played important part in the various religions that used it for their various ceremonies. Here you can find more about wine’s important role in several of world’s religion, from the ancient Egypt to the modern day Christianity.

Wine Barrel