Wine Making Process and Ingredients

The basic principles of creating wine remained unchanged during the ages. Here you can find out more about how wine is made, and the modern day advancements that enabled winemakers to more easily control every aspect of their craft.

Wine making

How is Wine Made?

Techniques of making wine advanced constantly during the ages, but according to many, modern day discoveries still play secondary role to the ancient recipes that are still viable today. Here you can find out more how the modern wine is made.

Ingredients for wines - grapes

Wine Ingredients

The basic ingredient for making wine has remained constant through the ages – the grapes themselves. Although internal structure of grapes contain all necessary ingredients for the creation of wine, winemakers have created many additives that guarantee successful fermentation and add many new flavors to the end product. Here you can find out more about them.

Tasting Wine

How to Taste Wines?

Tasting of wine was first introduced in early 13th century, and its popularity is rising with every day. Here you can learn basics steps for wine tasting – how to approach it, test its clarity, aroma, flavors, and many more.

Wine Grape as Ingredient